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December 2011



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Dec. 8th, 2011


Good-bye Livejournal, but not really.

Okay, so I was getting extremely tired of the DDOS crap, plus my comp crashed recently while I was playing WoW, and for some reason when I got it up and running again, it had me logged out of LJ. And I couldn't get back on for several days. It doesn't bother me at all if I can't read something in any of the communities for that long, but it DOES bother me that I can't access my personal entries in my own journal at all due to political attacks from another country (that our country is slowly trying to become like - just look at SOPA and the NDAA for crying out loud).

This is my last journal entry for this site. I will still be posting in communities when I feel like it, and I will also leave everything I currently have here up as well. For future entries journal-wise, I have finally moved over to Dreamwidth. If anyone who is a friend of this journal, or who has a journal over there and would somehow be interested in my writings over there, feel free to friend me, or however it works over there (haven't gotten all the different terminology down yet, so meh). My name over there is Siferra_the_Wolf.

May. 2nd, 2011


He's Finally Dead

Because I can't get the stupid livestream thing on CNN to work, and I don't have cable:


It took a decade, but they finally got him. I bet Bush is seething over at his ranch or wherever he's at now.

I'm watching the MSNBC livestream right now, because they don't require you to download something in order to use it (seriously, the CNN one won't even work, and it keeps asking me to download some program).

Anyway, all the above was written about an hour or so ago, still watching continued news on it all on one of our Roku's uploaded news channels (is it sad that all the major news stations haven't uploaded any of this, but the al-jazeera on Roku is live? IDK, just seems weird to me).

Mar. 26th, 2007


(no subject)

This journal is now officially friends only. Not that I have many friends, but some people in my outside life that I'd rather keep away from my journal are being extremely nosy about what I have written and are whining to me about what (and who) I've been writing/ranting about. However, I'm leaving the one rant on idiots with privatizing issues open to the public. I think more idiots out there on LJ and MySpace need to read it.

Jun. 27th, 2006


LJ Rant

Okay, recently I've had a few people actually friend me (a bit of an ego-booster, but right now, that's beside the point). I've checked out their journals to see what's up and all that, and some of the commenters, no a LOT of the commenters, got on my nerves horribly. What kinds of things could they have said to get on my nerves? Well, for starters, one commenter said to unfriend her because her posts were "private and personal". Really? Then MAKE them private, there IS an option to do that, and even people who friend you cannot read those private posts unless you friend them back.

And, for another thing, what the hell is the problem with people you don't know friending you? If your posts are public, that means everyone can and does read them, even if they never comment or friend you. Friending by strangers just means that they have an interest in your journal (usually, and even if it's just to look like they have a lot of friends, I still see no real problem) and want to keep better tabs on it. I see that as a kind of flattery, and why a lot of other people see it as an abomination I'll never understand, especially if they make no effort to privatize their entries. Not knowing how to do it is not an excuse; there are a lot of areas on this site that can help with figuring out things like privatizing and all that, and if you still whine about people friending you and reading your entries, maybe you should just delete your LJ account and remove yourself from the human gene pool. Get over yourselves, honestly.

That's probably the only reason I don't go out and look at other people's journals and friend those that I like; not everyone here is an asshole, but a hell of a lot sure have a giant bug up their butts when it comes to strangers reading their precious thoughts. Hello, this is the internet, what are you people thinking?! It reminds me of all those news reports of MySpace and sex predators using it to find and molest people. Granted, the dipwads there put all kinds of info about them including all kinds of pictures of themselves, but this is how they compare: the people who have problems with strangers friending them and the people who put all kinds of info about themselves on MySpace to the public both have in common the fact that they must not entirely understand how the internet works. Unless you make that stuff private EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO CAN SEE IT EVEN IF THEY NEVER TALK TO/FRIEND YOU. So, if any one of those kinds is reading this entry at all, please take the advice that, if you don't want just anyone reading and possibly *GASP* friending you, then make your entries private and STFU. It's not the end of the world.